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Injury & Rehabilitation in Glasgow

Our highly skilled team provide expert Physio, Sports & Remedial Massage and Pilates rehab. By using a combination of skills and techniques LM Therapies seek to identify the root of the problem and work to correct it. 

We treat everyone from office workers to athletes and musicians – everyone can benefit from knowing their body better. Whether you have tension, stress, a recent injury or a persistent pain, we’ve seen it all! We love what we do, and we will always put you first, therefore if we think there’s another service/practitioner out-with our team that would be better suited to you, we’ll happily refer you on.

What We Offer

Sports & Remedial Massage

Massage techniques applied directly to the muscles in order to release tension and restore length. Additional techniques such as IASTM or dry needling may be used where appropriate. Everyone can benefit from a sports massage, you don't need to be injured!


After assessment of your joints, muscles and ligaments, we will discuss a suitable treatment plan with you. Our treatments include manual therapy, soft tissue release, dry needling as well as exercises to help restore optimal movement in your body.

Pilate Classes

Pilates strengthens and stabilizes your muscles and joints while improving your postural alignment and flexibility. It's low impact exercise so can be modified for injuries and abilities.

What We Do

Experiencing Any Of The Following?

Low Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
Exercise & Sporting Injuries
Work Related Aches & Pains
Biomechanical Dysfunction

"After months of back pain with no answer from doctors, Lynne immediately located the issue and it was gone in a few weeks."

- Darren Reis

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If you are unsure whether Physio, Massage or Pilates would be more appropriate give us a call or drop us an email and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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